Mayor Moreau’s Corruption Case Back in Federal Court

by ABC6 News Reporter Mark Curtis

The prosecuting and defense attorneys were tight lipped leaving U.S. federal court Providence.

They met concerning the case of former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau, now in prison for public corruption.

Q: Is there some kind of deal in the works that he may get out early?

“Don't you guys have anything better to do?” said Anthony Traini, Moreau's lawyer.

Another reporter said, “We don't Mr. Traini.

Traini: “Well that's too bad.”

Mark Curtis says, “We're doing our jobs, we're doing our job.”

Mark Curtis: “Might he get out early?”

Traini says: “I can't answer your questions. I can't discuss the case. It's pending.”

Moreau was recently moved from a federal prison in Maryland, back to custody in Rhode Island, but no one has said why.

ABC6 News Reporter Mark Curtis said, “With the criminal case of former Mayor Charles Moreau back in Federal court, the curiosity factor here in Central Falls is way up again.”

Among those outside federal court hoping to find out was a central falls city council member.

“I think we have the right to know and I think it would be nice to hear it directly from the judge. And it's unfortunate that it took place in chambers and we weren't allowed to hear anything,” said Tia Ristaino-Siegel, a Central Falls Council member.

ABC6 has learned Moreau is being considered for release, because of a similar federal corruption case involving a Puerto Rican lawmaker.

“A Puerto Rican man was allowed to accept gratuities and it was not a criminal offense, even though he offered favorable legislation to the person who gave him the gratuities,” said legal analyst Ken Schreiber.

Whether Charles Moreau is released on similar grounds, remains to be seen.