Mayor Picozzi visits Libby, Bella, dozens of animals rescued from ‘deplorable conditions’ in Oakland Beach home

This is a photo of Libby and Bella, two dogs mistaken for black coyotes next to an animal control truck. (WLNE)

WARWICK,R.I. (WLNE) — Warwick Mayor Frank Picozzi said he visited the two “black coyotesthat turned out to be normal pups, Saturday morning.

The mayor said the Warwick SPCA now has 19 cats and nine other dogs in their facility after animal control rescued them from an Oakland Beach home.

He said all the animals are being well-fed and are getting all the medical attention they need.

The mayor said the celebrity “coyotes,” Bella and Libby, are both in good spirits as well and in a kennel together.

The mayor further stated that the pups appear to be between six and eight-months-old.

Libby and Bella were wandering the Oakland Beach area since last Monday and the people responsible for their abandonment are facing several animal cruelty charges.

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