MB baseball players take part in day of service

By: Melissa Randall



During school vacation most kids hang out and relax, but players on the Moses Brown baseball team are using the time off to better their community.

“They stress that a lot at school, working with the community and giving back so it’s something we’re used to doing,” said team captain Steven Salisbury.

For the players, teaming up with students at the Alan Shawn Feinstein Elementary School in Providence for a day of service was a no-brainer. Together with their new 5th grade friends the high school-ers are creating a mural by painting a larger than life garden on the walls.

The Broad St. school is more than 120 years old. Principal Cynthia Scheller hopes the face lift will inspire students for generations to come.

“I think this mural and the garden theme that we’ve chosen will really brighten up this dark and dingy basement, and also just show the students every day that they are the garden that is growing here in Providence,” she said.

The baseball players are excited to be making such a positive influence.

 “As they walk down the hallway, especially the kids that are out here right now, it’ll be something to look back on. It’s a good time and I think that having something that nice to walk down and look at instead of a bland hallway it’s something that will put a smile on their face,” said player Michael Provazza.

The team will be back Friday morning to finish the job.

The Providence Public School Department’s facilities servicer donated the needed paints and primers for the service project.

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