McCoy Stadium receives vote to be next site of new Pawtucket High School

This is an aerial view of McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket. (WLNE)

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — Pawtucket voters approved funding for a new high school on the McCoy Stadium property.

The old PawSox stadium has sat vacant Since 2019.

While the city has mourned the loss of its old baseball team, they are about to gain a brand-new high school right on the grounds.

Time stands still at the old McCoy Stadium. Once, it was a place for family and friends to go, now all that remains are the memories.

But new life is being brought in, after a vote passed in Tuesday night’s midterm elections secured the funds to build a brand-new high school on the ​site of the old diamond.

“I think it’s really kind of a unique situation where we’re replacing a building that provided so much pride to the city, with another building that will provide as much, if not more pride to the city,” Jay Charbonneau, chairman of the Facilities Committee for the Pawtucket Schools, said.

Eighty percent of voters checked the box in favor of securing $330 million in bonds for this new construction. There will also be some reimbursement from the state.

“You know it brought years of joy to this community, and like I said before, it was a sense of pride for this community, but the team has moved on and quite honestly the city has moved on,” Charbonneau said.

The community, although sad to lose their team, also excited at how much more will be offered at the new school from career technical programs, to after school programs.

Two of the oldest high schools in Pawtucket — Shea and Tolman would be combined.

ABC 6 News asked one Shea parent what they thought of the new space at McCoy Stadium.

“For me it’d be good, for play or for the kids, or you know, more kids would go enjoy the after school whatever,” he answered.

But, will there be any trace of McCoy left as the new building comes in?

Charbonneau said, “What this building meant to this community for so many years, I can’t see how we don’t incorporate some of it into the new building.”

The committee hopes to have their first plan submitted for review by February.

The timeline of this new build will take place over the next five to seven years, but Charbonneau told ABC 6 they can’t open a new building on this property, without honoring the one that stood there for so long.

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