McKee fires back at Gorbea for using ‘right-wing propaganda’ in new campaign ad

This is a file image of Gov. Dan McKee speaking at a press conference. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Gov. Dan McKee responded Thursday after Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea released a televised ad using “right-wing propaganda.”

Gorbea, who’s running as a Democratic candidate for governor, is closely trailing behind McKee in the gubernatorial race.

The ad criticizes McKee over the FBI investigation over the multi-million dollar education contract that his administration awarded to the ILO Group.

Speaking on his time as governor, Gorbea said, “McKee has returned us to the pay-to-play politics that hold us back. Rhode Island can be better.”

In the ad, Gorbea uses a montage of negative headlines from news outlets attacking the governor, including from the National Review — who refers to themselves as “a magazine of conservative opinion.”

In response to the publication, McKee fired back, saying, “The MAGA National Review publication, which Nellie uses in her ad, has defended ‘the big lie’ and spread conspiracies about voter fraud.”

“[Her] decision to spread right wing propaganda in a Democratic primary shows how desperate her campaign is,” McKee addded. “If her intention is to run a campaign that represents Rhode Island values, that ad must be taken down.”

Gorbea commented on the ad at a campaign event Thursday afternoon.

“We made a mistake in the details of the ad, but the overall story of the ad it rings true, unfortunately the McKee administration is under by the FBI for the ILO contract and it has given us really negative headlines across this country,” said Gorbea.

A spokeswoman for Gorbea’s campaign said a corrected ad has been sent to news stations and will be updated online.

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