‘Meat Shortage’ not affecting butchers

BARRINGTON, R.I. (WLNE) — Grocery stores across the country have been limiting the number of meat products they sell per customer amid the anticipated meat shortages due to the coronavirus.

But many butcher shops say they haven’t seen a shortage at all, and are selling more meat than usual.

“We’re probably doing 300 more customers than we do an average week,” said Larry Russolino, the owner of Barrington Butchery.

“It’s not unusual to get someone ordering 10 lbs. of hamburger or 20 lbs. of chicken,” he explained.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump took executive action, deeming meat processors as essential business.

While processing plants are taking extra precautions, like social-distancing, none are expected to close.

Many butchers say their supply chains are just fine, and they haven’t seen prices increase at all.

“We did get a text from one purveyor saying they might be short of a few things out of the midwest, but then again, we do have other outlets to replace that product,” said Russolino.

Barrington Butchery has adjusted to the times by offering curb-side pick-up and delivery. They also sanitize customers credit cards before and after purchases to limit the spread of germs.

“It took a pandemic to put us on the map,” Russolino said about his shop. “Not a good way to get it, but now people know we’re here and they’re coming back in droves.”

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