`Medical marijuana lounge opening in Providence

By Dana Griffin



PROVIDENCE, RI- It’s something the capital city has never seen before; a social place where medical marijuana patients can use without being criticized.

Co-owner, Ray Diao said, “We weren’t really thinking about oh, let’s make big bucks you know. We were thinking about how can we help people; how can we provide a safe environment for them to use their medication without being judged, without being looked down upon, you know.”

The idea started a year ago when co–owner, Kevin Cintorino had trouble using his medical marijuana because of restrictions at his apartment.

Elevated does not provide the marijuana, only vaporizers and snacks.

There is a membership fee that ranges from $4.20 each day to $64.99 annually.

“We also expect our patients to be responsible and that they won’t over medicate themselves, they won’t get rowdy cause that’s also in our terms and conditions,” said Cintorino.

To keep everyone safe only 18 people will be allowed into the vapor lounge area. If you don’t have a medical marijuana card, you can’t even get in the front door.

Surveillance cameras and a posted security guard will also monitor the space.

As of now, there’s no limit to the amount of marijuana you can bring in.

The health department is monitoring the shop as a trial and error situation and will later formulate a special license to regulate the business.

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