Meet Allan Fung: (R) Candidate for Rhode Island Governor

by ABC6 News Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis 

Republican Allan Fung wants to be Rhode Island’s next Governor.

After serving four years on the City Council – and six year as Mayor – he wants to share his city’s success.

“We’ve created an atmosphere where the employers are thriving, there are over a thousand new jobs in my first couple of terms. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be happening on a statewide level, in cities and towns across this state…”

“Bottom line is, I want to make Rhode Island open for business. We’ve done that in Cranston,” said Mayor Allan Fung, (R) Candidate for RI Governor.

Like the other candidates, Rhode Island‘s lousy economy is Fung’s number one issue.

He wants 200 million dollars in various tax cuts, to try to simulate the economy.

“When our sales tax is high compared to our neighbors of Massachusetts and Connecticut, we’ve got to lower – have that serious discussion about lowering them – and also get our corporate tax rate down, so that we’re one of the lowest in the Northeast.”

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter mark Curtis, “Here’s some more profile information on Allan Fung. He’s a graduate of Rhode Island College, and then went to law school. He served as Government Affairs Council for Met Life Insurance.”

On social issues, Fung calls himself a Second Amendment rights supporter, and does not favor any new bans on firearms.

“Where we have to focus those issues, are on criminals and those with mental health issues,” said Fung.

As for legal marijuana to shore up Rhode Island‘s money problems, Fung is a skeptic.

“Let’s take a wait and see approach, to see what happens in Colorado, but marijuana is not something that should be just played with as a revenue opportunity, particularly because of the deep impact it could have on our youth,” said Fung.

Fung says he’s prepared long and hard to be governor, first working at his parent’s Chinese restaurant in Cranston, and then.

“To working in a Fortune 100 Company like MetLife and, to having legislative experience during my two–terms on the City Council, to three–terms running the third largest city. I have that unique blend of experience.”

If Allan Fung is elected, he’d only be the second Chinese-American in the nation to be elected Governor, after Gary Locke in Washington State.