Meet the Candidates: Stephanie Beauté

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — ABC 6 News spoke with Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District election, Stephanie Beauté on Tuesday.

A Senior IT Professional, candidate for congress and a mom, Beauté said she understands the need to multitask and make sure everything is efficient as it can be.

Beauté also emphasized the need to be flexible and work with modest means, and how she relates that to what she wants for Rhode Island.

“That’s what I want for Rhode Islanders, how do we make sure, with our resources, that Rhode Islanders actually feel that the government is working for them. They haven’t — It hasn’t worked for me to be quite honest — and its really, really hard as a mom, especially as someone who’s worked really hard and seen that all it takes is a medical emergency, housing is on the rise — education is in crisis and we’ve failed time and time again, so giving the best of the best is what I do,” Beauté said.

The special election for the 1st Congressional District seat to replace former Rep. David Cicilline will take place on Sept. 5.

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