Mega Millions jackpot reaches $1 billion

A lot of people tonight are considering what they would do with $1 billion. The Mega Millions jackpot is climbing by the minute. Chances of winning are pretty slim but a prize this big encourages most people to give it a try.

But what should you actually do if you win big? You’ll probably want to shout it from the rooftops but a financial expert tells ABC 6 News that’s exactly what not to do.

To say the stakes are high is an understatement. A $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot bringing out the experienced and inexperienced lottery players.

“Madness. Sheer unadulterated madness,” says Alex Miguel, a cashier at Phred’s Drugs.

“You don’t get a chance at a billion dollars every day. You just need the lucky ticket whatever that may be,” says Joseph Ball of Cranston

“When the number is a billion, you take a shot,” says Pat McMahon of Cranston.

“You gotta go for it. Only 1 ticket wins and you can’t win if you don’t play,” says Howard Charie of Cranston.

Chances are pretty slim but you can’t help but wonder, what would you do with a billion dollars?

“No one in my family would be working again and there’d be a lot of vacations coming up,” says Charie.

“I have grandchildren, I have my daughter and some friends who need help and then charity,” says Ball.

But say you actually did win. There are some things Tim Howes, a professor of business at Johnson and Wales University says you should do immediately.

“I would definitely keep it to yourself at first and seek out some professional help on how you’re going to roll out. If you have a good accountant see them, if not seek out a good accountant who can help you in terms of making decisions,” says Howes.

The Mega Millions drawing is tonight at 11. If you don’t win you can always try Saturday, the Powerball is up to $470 million.

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