Former member of URI sorority under scrutiny details racism she experienced within the sorority

KINGSTON, RI (WLNE) –  A sorority at the University of Rhode Island has been suspended after a video recently surfaced showing former members lip-singing along to a song with many racist expletives.

The former member who goes by the name “Jay” wants to remain anonymous in fear of backlash. However she says, her experience in the Alpha Delta Pi sorority was anything but a sisterhood.

Jay says she was a member of the sorority from 2016-2018.

She said when she saw the video in question, she wasn’t even shocked.

“If I’m being honest, I felt like wow this is finally some evidence of these girls in this sorority being openly racist when they have people of color in their sorority,” Jay said.

Jay told ABC6 that her fellow sorority sister sent her the video after she found the video in a group chat with other members.

Jay posted the video to twitter and it got the attention of the National Grand Council of the sorority.

The Ground Council of Alpha Delta Pi says they have suspended the women in the video from the sorority and also suspended the chapter at URI pending an investigation.

The women in the video have already graduated but they will be excluded from alumni benefits.

For Jay it’s not about shutting the sorority down, it’s about making changes which she says needed to be done many years ago.

“Instead of being kicked off campus maybe they should be the leaders for a conversation about diversity on campus,” Jay said.

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