Memorial service held for Jamestown officer killed in wrong-way crash

By Kirsten Glavin


JAMESTOWN, RIOfficers from the Jamestown Police Department gathered with a crowd of over a hundred people Monday, to pay tribute to Officer Ryan Bourque. Officer Bourque was killed by a wrong-way drunk driver, in May.

"I ask that we all leave remembering Ryan as he’s shown in that photo. With a smile on his face,” said Chief Edward Mello as he held up a service pamphlet.  

Some tears were shed, particularly when Chief Mello and Bourque’s mother, Lee Bourque, shared memories.

"He will always be present in our hearts and minds,” said Lee Bourque.

The Jamestown Police Department announced during that Bourque’s badge, number 13, will be retired.

"It will forever serve as a symbol of his memory, and will not be issued again. You will see that number displayed on the right-side pocket of all Jamestown police officers,” said Chief Mello.

The department planted a dogwood tree in the front yard in the front lawn of the station, along with a plaque, in Bourque’s memory.

"This tree is a reminder that Ryan’s love is still growing. Although we cannot see him, we can feel his silent strength,” his mother said at the podium.

Bourque was celebrating his one year anniversary with the Jamestown police department when he was hit and killed.

He was 24-years-old.  Monday, when the ceremony was held, would have been his 25th birthday.

"I think it’s terrible,” said Doran Bercovici of Charlestown.  “From a young age, we’re taught don’t drink and drive.. Don’t drink and drive.. Don’t drink and drive."

"I only met him a few times and you could tell how much of genuine person he was, and I really just wanted to come here to support the friends and the family,” added Travis Serra, another community member.