MIAA Unanimously Votes To Move High School Football to February

Today the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic
Association (MIAA) Board of Directors (BOD) met virtually to address the
formal recommendations from the MIAA COVID-19 Task Force regarding
Educational Athletics for the 2020-2021 school year. President Jeff Granatino
acknowledged to the Board how, “a lot has happened since July 21 and as we
come together today there is guidance from the state on modified sports
seasons for school year 2020-21.” Granatino continued, “The
recommendations before us may not meet everyone’s expectations, but they
provide a real opportunity for our students to take part in high school athletics
for the first time in months.”
The MIAA Task Force began meeting in late May with the charge from President
Granatino to provide COVID-19 resources related to Educational Athletics for
MIAA school leaders, research the impact of COVID-19 on the landscape of
high school athletics, and provide recommendations to the MIAA BOD
regarding Educational Athletics for the 2020-2021 school year. The Task Force
consists of 24 members, representing MIAA principals, superintendents,
athletic directors, school committees, medical personnel, game officials,
coaches and MIAA staff. Additional stakeholders include the Executive Office of
Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), Massachusetts Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the MIAA Sports Medicine
Committee who collaborated with and provided guidance to the Task Force.
This morning MIAA Task Force co-chairs, Dr. Keith Crowley, St. John’s
Preparatory School Principal/Associate Head of School and Mr. Thomas
Holdgate, Duxbury High School Athletic Director, presented 11 formal
recommendations, including a modified athletic season structure, to the MIAA
Board of Directors. An additional two motions were voted on after the formal
Task Force presentation. View the Task Force formal recommendations and
the additional motions HERE.
All Task Force recommendations and additional motions were
approved by the MIAA Board of Directors.
MIAA Executive Director Bill Gaine stated, “On behalf of the MIAA Board of
Directors, the Association can be proud of the outstanding contributions of its
COVID-19 Task Force which came to fruition today with Board ratification.
Today’s actions demonstrate the magnanimous service by our volunteer
Principals, Athletic Directors, School Committee and Superintendents to
provide Educational Athletic opportunities for MIAA student-athletes.”
There still remains work for the MIAA COVID-19 Task Force, including a review
of sport-specific guidance and modifications submitted by the respective MIAA
Sport Committee representatives and the Sports Medicine Committee. The
Task Force plans to continue communications with EEA and DESE to prepare
winter season recommendations for the MIAA Board meeting scheduled in

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