Michelle Carter sentenced to 2.5 years in prison with 15 months to serve

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TAUNTON, M.A. (WLNE) — Michelle Carter was sentenced to two and half years with fifteen months to serve for her role in the Conrad Roy texting-suicide case. 

In June, the court ruled that Carter’s texts pressured her boyfriend to follow through with his suicide and failed to call for help.

Roy’s aunt, Kim Bozzi, was pushing for the maximum 20 year sentence saying that “she should be kept far away from society. Take away the spotlight that she so craves.”

Carter’s father also read a statement to the judge.

In a letter sent to the Boston Herald, he asks for continued counseling for his daughter calling her “a troubled vulnerable teenager who made a tragic mistake in an extremely difficult situation.”

“He was making efforts to better himself and to find his way through a difficult stage of his life,” said prosecutor Katie Rayburn.

Roy died inside his car at the Fairhaven Kmart parking lot back in 2014.

Carter was released on bail with conditions not to use social media or contact any of the witnesses or the Roy family. She has been at home since the end of her trial.

 She was granted a stay through the State Supreme Court, wont serve time until Supreme Court rules an appeal.

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