Middletown welcomes home soldier

Photo: Donald Bosch

By Dana Griffin



MIDDLETOWN, RI- For the past two days, patriotic mementos like balloons, flags, and homemade signs have been popping up on the Bosch family's front lawn in Middletown.

“It's getting bigger than, I just wanted a couple of signs and flags,” said LeAnn Bosch.

On Friday, LeAnn wrote to the Middletown Patch to have a few community members bring flags and signs to welcome home her 19–year-old son and army analyst, Spenser. Tonight he'll be home for a 10 day–leave after being deployed in Afghanistan for nine months.

“You know it was kind of a tough deployment for him and he can see that people didn't forget about him, and that we're happy to have him home even if for just a short time. And absolutely overwhelmed by the how many people have stopped by, knocking on the door,” said Bosch.

The front lawn now holds nearly 80 flags.

Bosch said, “One guy planted flags in remembrance of his family members that have served.  You know little kids dropping by, it's just been amazing.”

Spenser's sister, Lydia said, “I'm just excited to have my brother home. I know I just saw him a couple of weeks ago but it feels like forever and I'm just ready to have him home here; would be really nice.”

The family drove to Kentucky two weeks ago, where Spenser is currently stationed. They didn't get to see him long, so tonight's reunion is expected to be even more special.

“Thank you to everybody who did this. It's just really appreciated and I think he's gonna love it just as much as we do,” said Lydia Bosch.

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