Midweek Snow to Rain Storm

Wednesday will be a day that starts out one way and ends up completely different. The morning will be cold with lows in the 20s and mostly cloudy skies. Clouds will build in through the morning and snow is expected to develop in the afternoon.

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The snow  amount expected has the potential to outdo the last storm in terms of accumulation.

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However, this is not where this storm story ends. With measurable and plowable snow in place during the late commute, travel will be slow and slippery. During the evening hours, we will transition over to rain from south to north. The rain will be heavy at times and will likely top an inch.

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Snow clogged drains will cause poor drainage flooding and the combination of snowmelt and more than an inch of rain means minor flooding is possible in area rivers Thursday with runoff.

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Another element of the storm is wind. A Wind Advisory has been issued for coastal counties of Southern New England for the potential of wind gusts near 45 mph.

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Power outages are possible as a result. Gusty breezes linger through Thursday and we will dry out in the morning. Precipitation stays away through the weekend as well Expect mostly cloudy skies through the weekend.

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