Minority leaders renew call for vote on McKee’s salary increases for cabinet directors

State House
Rhode Island State House. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Minority leaders are renewing their call for the House and Senate to vote on Gov. Dan McKee’s formal request for salary increases for select cabinet directors.

In a letter from the Rhode Island General Assembly Monday, Sen. Minority Leader Jessica de la Cruz and House Minority Leader Michael Chippendale are requesting a special session.

Critics have argued the raises are going to be foot by the taxpayers who are in the midst of rising prices throughout the economy.

“To postpone or refuse to vote on this issue is an affront to Rhode Islanders — many of whom are on fixed incomes and are facing significant hardships in this failing economy,” the letter read. “The voters have a right to know before Nov. 8 exactly where their Representative and Senator stand on this ill-considered pay increase to Department Directors already earning over $120,000.”

On Thursday, McKee and his administration forwarded his proposed salary raises for 12 cabinet members to the general assembly, with increases ranging from $10,765 to $25,473.

The largest proposed increase will be for the director of the Rhode Island Department of Health. If approved, their salary will be raised from $140,000 a year, up to $200,000.

If no action is taken, the raises go into effect Dec. 4.

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