Miracle boy beats the odds against congenital heart defect

By News Staff


Next month the American Heart Association will host the Southern New England Heart Ball in honor of children born with congenital heart defects. The “Little Heart Hero” Ambassador for the ball is 5-year-old Jamie Davis. In his young life he’s already gone through 3 open heart surgeries, but that won’t slow him down.

From the outside… you’d never know how much this young man has been through.

Seeing Jamie Davis running around the backyard with his father and little brother gives no clues into just how brave and courageous he is.

In his 5 years on this earth… his little body has seen more hospitals, tubes and major surgeries than most people will experience in a lifetime.

“The idea of part of his heart not being developed was really, really scary. I thought he was just not going to make it.”

At 22 weeks into her first pregnancy… Shannan and James Davis got devastating news after an ultrasound. Their precious baby had a congenital heart defect.

Once he was born at Women and Infants…the news got even more frightening.

“His defect was much worse than we anticipated…and there were things about his defect that they could not fix.”

All of 2 days old, Jamie Davis was in Boston at Children’s Hospital prepping for emergency open heart surgery.

“Anytime you see your child lifeless with the tubes and the wires…it’s hard to see and my heart broke for the pain that he was in…and the fear that he had.”

The Davis family turned to their faith and the compassion of others to help them and their baby during this grim time.

“We were blessed, I mean that’s the only way we can put it…we’re blessed because we had so many people praying for Jamie….we just had to hold onto the hope that whatever was going to happen…God was going to see us through.”

Only a few days old…yet Jamie turned into the little engine that could.

Despite having a heart the size of a walnut and the odds squarely against him…he made it through open heart surgery!

“He did well and everyone was shocked…everyone was shocked!”

5 years and two more open heart surgeries later and Jamie is thriving…as you can see he has no challenges running around… but it’s a constant struggle to make sure he doesn’t even get a common cold.

“I have a special heart!”

Maybe it’s because of all he’s had to deal with in his young life – scars, needles, hospitals, doctors – Jamie is mature beyond his years asking big boy questions. Questions about death… and telling his mommy he’s afraid of dying.

“He’ll actually say to me ‘Mommy I don’t want to go to Heaven right now!’ And I tell him I don’t think you’re going to go to Heaven right now!”

At this point the Davis‘s don’t know if Jamie will need any more surgeries.

“Each surgery saying goodbye to him was hard…cause you just wonder if that’s the last time you’ll see him.”

Doctors can’t give any prognosis. So right now they’re grateful he’s doing well and they’re thankful for every day they have with him.

Their mission these days is to raise awareness about congenital heart defects in children and raise money for research.

“What would it be like to have a child who is sick and if you can do even a little bit to help these children…I can’t imagine any parent who wouldn’t want to if they have the means.”

Coming up on June 14 the American Heart Association will hold its Annual Heart Ball at the Marble House in Newport. It’s a night that helps raise awareness about congenital heart defects in children and raise money for research.

If you’d like more information about the ball or how you can help children like Jamie Davis, you can go to heart.org/chdhero.

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