Miss USA Comes Home to Rhode Island for Fourth of July Celebration

     By Mark Curtis



     Just a month after being named Miss USA, Olivia Culpo of Cranston came home to Rhode Island. One of the reasons is to ride in the Bristol Fourth of July Parade. ABC 6 News went to her Cranston home, to watch her family reunion, including a game of pick up basketball.

    “I was a bench warmer,” says Olivia Culpo as she shot the basketball and made a jump shot! “Yea!!!!,” screamed her family and friends.”

     She's plays a pretty mean game of pick up basketball with family and friends – that is when Olivia Culpo is not representing the nation as the newly crowned Miss USA. This is Olivia's first homecoming to her native Cranston since winning the crown:

    Olivia Culpo, Miss USA says “So to be here now as Miss USA is a dream come true. And to be finally back with my family and hometown., It's awesome and I know Rhode Island is excited so it's great!”

     The homecoming is packed with official duties, too, such as this meet and greet at Brighton Collectibles in Providence Place Mall. She will be doing a lot to represent Rhode Island and the country.

     Olivia says, “I know I will be a spokeswoman for breast and ovarian cancer awareness. I also hope to be getting involved in music education programs in the area because I play the cello.”

     ABC6 Reporter Mark Curtis says, “And so Olivia will spend the next year representing Rhode Island as Miss USA, and hopefully Miss Universe, but still there's nothing like coming home to the Ocean State top ride in the nation's most historic 4th of July Parade.

     All eyes will be on Olivia, as she rides the parade route in Bristol:

     Olivia Culpo, Miss USA says, “To be able to ride in the most historic and the oldest parade in the nation is such an honor and to be able to do that as Miss USA is also an honor, but to be able to do that as a Miss USA from Rhode Island, where this parade has taken place, is all too much of a great coincidence.”

     Then our home town girl from Cranston will be back on the road all over America, as Miss USA. In Cranston Mark Curtis ABC6 News.