Money donated for zoo animal toys after theft

By News Staff


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Roger Williams Park Zoo has gotten a record number of contributions to buy toys and other stimulating items for its animals after a thief stole money from a donation box.

The zoo says it raised $3,200 in donations to its “Enrichment Tree'' fund after announcing that a thief in early December broke into the collection box in one of the animal pavilions and took around $200.

The money will be used to buy “enrichment'' items for the animals, including balls, food puzzles and other sensory-based stimuli.         

Zookeeper Jen Hennessy says employees and volunteers were broken-hearted after the theft, but the donations helped lift spirits.       

The zoo has scheduled a special “Animal Enrichment Day'' for Feb. 23 so visitors can watch while the animals get their new enrichment toys.