More fallout from explosion at landfill in Johnston

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter mark Curtis

Broken pipes and burned out equipment are all that's left and an explosion and fire at the Broadrock Renewables gas plant at the landfill, around four Tuesday morning.

The company is supposed to reclaim and sell gas from the landfill.

Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena said, “What I said last week, it can explode and it did explode, so I've had it up to about here with Broadrock because they have not been a good corporate citizen. They've put the citizens at risk and they've, I think, also put their workers at risk also, by what they've done.”

So for the second time in a week, the Town of Johnston shut down Broadrock's operation. Last week, it also shut down a different part of the plant saying pipes were repaired improperly and are dangerous.

For its part, the company says it will cooperate with investigators.

Randy Holmes, Broadrock CEO said, “We're cooperating with the Fire Department. We will cooperate with them for whatever they want to do.” Q: Will you guys conduct your own investigation? “Yes, we will conduct our own investigation.”

But the latest incident brought Governor Chafee to tour the plant.

Eighteen months ago Broadrock was found largely responsible for a foul odor that could be smelled in much of Rhode Island, and even in neighboring states.

Governor Lincoln Chafee, (D) Rhode Island said, “This private company Broadrock, has been part of the problem of getting this moving forward and resolving some of these issues. Now we are back with this accident here.”

The Town of Johnston Mayor is threatening to fine Broadrock if there are further problems.