More Fireworks in Final Debate for Rhode Island Governor

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It was the final debate in the race for Rhode Island Governor and there was no shortage of fireworks.

Moderate Bob Healey questioning Gina Raimondo’s husband’s tenure on the Providence Water Supply Board and whether he steered business to her venture capital firm.

“It concerns me a little bit because we really haven’t seen much information about your spouse, Mr. Moffitt?” said Bob Healey, (M) Nominee for Rhode Island Governor.

“Running for office is tough. Everybody throws mud at you and everyone smears you, that’s okay to do that to me, but leave my family out of it,” responded Treasurer Gina Raimondo, (D) Nominee for RI Governor.

Then there is the financial mess at Rhode Island Housing where Raimondo is a board member.

Now there is a federal probe.

“And over a three year period, you didn’t personally show up in this time of crisis. Do you regret that?” asked Mayor Allan Fung, (R) Nominee for Rhode Island Governor.

“I had my top lieutenant there every meeting. We took action, and we’re making sure the agency makes improvements,” said Raimondo.

Fung said Rhode Island Housing has a million dollar problem; Raimondo says it’s more like 50 thousand dollars.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “The intense nature of the final debates, is just a reflection of how competitive this race may be, come Tuesday when people vote.”

The latest poll has Raimondo and Fung tied at 38 percent, with Healey up to 12 percent.

“It’s time for a bold leader, with a vision, and the track record,” said Raimondo.

“I think we are really getting the support from the people, and I’m feeling good going into the election,” said Healey.

“I’m very optimistic. I’m looking forward to Tuesday, we’ve got the momentum,” said Fung.

The 11 percent still undecided, could determine who wins.