More Mold Concerns at a Little Compton School

By: Melissa Toupin

Polly Allen's kids are home from school today. They're not sick, but she decided not to send them to class for fear that they could become ill.

“My children are my top priority and I just want to make sure that they are safe at school,” said Allen of Little Compton.

Prior to the start of the school year higher than normal levels of mold were discovered in 4 class rooms and the cafeteria of the Wilbur-McMahon School. Those rooms were cleaned, and the school welcomed back students this week. But a re-test of the air quality has found several additional 5th and 6th grade classrooms are also contaminated.

“I feel that when it was initially tested the whole school should have been tested not just parts of it,” said Allen.

School officials say the mold was a result of the building being closed up for the summer. The school was scheduled to be undergo a major renovation project. The students were supposed to begin the school year in modular classrooms, but that never happened due to construction setbacks.

The results of the latest test show levels of mold in some classrooms as high as 11,500. In comparison rooms that were cleaned and deemed safe had levels as low as 170. 

Cleaning crews were back at the school Thursday afternoon.  

“It's been tested now, and I'm happy their are results. I would just like a third party to review the results,” said Allen.

In an e-mail to parents the Superintendent says all rooms will be professionally cleaned, and the schools again retested. Filters and dehumidifiers are also being run. Allen hopes this means her kids will be able to safely return to school again soon.

ABC6 did reach out to the Superintendents office. We have not received comment at this time. The e-mail that went out to parents says the school will be retested once cleaning is complete. That is expected to happen Tuesday.

The report will be available in the main office for the public.