More Rhode Islanders Treating Their Yards For Mosquitoes

By Ana Bottary


Pest exterminators were out Monday, treating lawns in Rhode Island. Nicole Bourque has her yard treated each year, but says after hearing about the Zika virus, she feels it is particularly important to rid her families yard of Mosquitoes.
"I don’t think there is enough information on the Zika virus for the mosquitoes. There is a lot out there as far as pregnant women, but what about young children? I just don’t think there’s enough out there to say you wouldn’t need it treated," says Bourque.
Mosquito tech Rhode Island has gained 15-20% more business just this year.
"I think the biggest concern with people is that the experts still do not know if someone is bitten down in the south, then come up here and get bitten up here whether or not the virus can then get into our mosquitoes community," says Edwin Foster, Operations Manager of Mosquito Tech.
The specific type of mosquito that carries the virus has not yet been found in Rhode Island, but has been found in the Massachusetts Bristol county area. All cases of Zika in Rhode Island have been travel-acquired, meaning people who have had the virus got it while traveling elsewhere.

"It’s very scary, so I’d rather be safe than sorry," adds Bourque.

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