More scattered showers today


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Cool temps returned yesterday as we picked up some measurable rain totals. We saw some downpours, heard a few rumbles of thunder, and even had some reports of graupel and pea size hail in Mass.

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What’s the difference between graupel and hail?

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Graupel is know as “soft hail” or snow pellets.  It’s super cooled water droplets that collect more water droplets on the surface of a snowflake resulting in  small, round pellets of ice.

Hail forms in the updrafts of thunderstorms and continues to collect more water and freeze until the atmosphere can no longer support the weight of the hail stone. The stronger the updraft, the larger the hail size.

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The energy we had in the atmosphere yesterday is likely to return today as that low pressure system is just hanging out over us spinning. That is pulling in the cold air aloft and causing our temperatures to fall below normal. Once this moves out  to the east, the warm air from the west will move in and it’s likely it’s here to stay.

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TODAY: High 56. Winds S/SE 5-15 mph. Scattered showers.
TONIGHT:  Low 45.

THURSDAY: High 50. Winds S 10-15 mph. Cloudy. Drizzle.

FRIDAY: High 56. NE 10-15 mph. Spot showers. Mostly cloudy.

SATURDAY: High 64. Winds NE 10mph. Partly cloudy.

SUNDAY: High 70. Winds NW 10mph. Mostly sunny.

MONDAY: High 73. WNW 10 mph. Mostly sunny.

TUESDAY: High 71. NW 5-15mph. Partly to mostly sunny.


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En Español:

Es probable que la energía que teníamos ayer en la atmósfera regrese hoy, ya que ese sistema de baja presión está flotando sobre nosotros girando. Eso está arrastrando el aire frío hacia arriba y provocando que nuestras temperaturas caigan por debajo de lo normal. Una vez que esto se mueva hacia el este, el aire cálido del oeste entrará y es probable que esté aquí para quedarse.

Spanish 12n Futurecast With Temps

Espere el fin de semana, parece que se perfila con temperaturas que posiblemente alcancen la marca de 70 grados.

HOY: Máxima 56. Vientos S/SE 5-15 mph. Chubascos dispersos.

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ESTA NOCHE: Bajo 45.

Spanish Futurecast With Temps5am

JUEVES: Máxima 50. Vientos S 10-15 mph. Nublado. Llovizna.

VIERNES: Máxima 56. NE 10-15 mph. Duchas puntuales. Mayormente nublado. SÁBADO: Máxima 64. Vientos NE 10 mph. Parcialmente nublado.

DOMINGO: Máxima 70. Vientos del NO 10 mph. Mayormente soleado.

LUNES: Máxima 73. ONO 10 mph. Mayormente soleado.

MARTES: Máxima 71. NO 5-15 mph. Parcialmente a mayormente soleado.


Qué dese con ABC6 para obtener actualizaciones sobre este pronóstico cambiante.

-Meteorologist Skylar Spinler

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