More than $100k worth of Apple products stolen from Mansfield store

By Kirsten Glavin


MANSFIELD – Something seemed off to employees when they opened the door to Simply Mac in Mansfield Crossing, Monday morning, and the store’s security alarm never went off.  It was after, that they noticed a hole cut through the back wall and more than 100 thousand dollars worth of electronics missing.

"Nothing like that happens around here,” said one shopper.  "I’m shocked,” said another.

Laptops, iMacs, iPhones, iPods and iPads were all gone.  The thieves disabled the alarms and cut a small hole in the back room.

"They plan. They’re not just doing it on a whim,” said Detective John Armstrong of the Mansfield Police Department.  “They get everything they need to get together. They have lookouts, they have dark clothing, and they’ve got masks and they’ve got gloves.”

Mansfield Police also said they do not believe this is an isolated incident. They’ve seen 10 cases just like this one in Massachusetts, all within the past 5 years.  Although only two burglars were caught on security cameras, Mansfield Police believe there are three suspects involved.

Store employees said they were thankful that customers’ electronics were left untouched.

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