Most flights back on schedule at TF Green, issues at Logan continue

By: Melissa Randall

Twitter: @MelissaARandall

The bad weather has crippled several airlines leaving airports scrambling to get passengers who were on delayed or canceled flights to their destinations. Jet blue is one the hardest hit airlines.

Flights will resume Tuesday morning after the airline canceled all trips in and out of Boston's Logan airport overnight.

The carrier chose to re–group. They let crews rest and gave mechanics a chance to service planes. The company blames the trouble on high demand, backlogs because of bad weather, and new rules mandating more rest for pilots.

Some travelers have been stranded for days. The shutdown –which is also happening in New York and New Jersey— is expected to last until 10 Tuesday. Flights are supposed to return to full operation by mid–afternoon. Some passengers are being compensated with refunds or vouchers for free future flights.

While not as bad as Logan a similar scene can be found at TF Green airport. Passengers have been frustrated as they wait to hear whether they can fly out. One group hoping to catch a flight Monday now has to wait until Wednesday to get home.

“We don't have it the worst. They said that there have been people here camped out for a week,” said Hannah Volkland who is trying to get to California.

Airport officials are still advising anyone flying out in the next few days to check the status of their flight early and often before showing up at the airport.

The departures boards at TF Green had a lot of green Tuesday morning. A large majority of flights out of the airport were on time. There were two cancellations for flights to Detroit and Baltimore.  

Travelers can check these websites for up-to-the-minute flight statuses: and

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