Mother and 3-yr-old son found dead in car

By: Alexandra Cowley

A mother and her 3-year-old son are found dead in a car outside an apartment complex in Warwick. 39-year-old Kathleen Frink and her son Ryan were found in a car at the Fairfax Village Complex around 8 Saturday night. They didn't live in the complex, and police say the car may have been parked at the complex since Noon Saturday, idling for several hours before anyone called 9–1–1.

Police also say someone heard what sounded like a child crying at about 5 PM, but police weren't called. Patricia Vallese lives in the complex and noticed the cars lights were on for hours. Finally, her sister-in-law decided to check it out.

“My sister-in-law smelled vomit and alcohol and the temperature of the car was hot, the car was filled with condensation from the heat and like I said my sister in law put the car in park, shut the car off, it was running, and then we called 9–1–1,” explained Vallese. 

Autopsies will be done on Frink and her son to determine a cause of death. Police say there didn't appear to be any foul play or trauma to the victims.

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