Mother daughter duo create “Drink at home, tip your bartender” group

A mother-daughter duo in Bristol is on a mission to make others smile. Joey Flesner and her mom Tonda Davis know all too well what it is like for many struggling and out of work.

That’s why they created the Facebook page, “Drink at home, tip your bartender.

“She has been a bartender for her whole entire life as a single mom,” Flesner said. “She raised me on a bartenders wage.”

Flesner said many are at home saving money, but bartenders aren’t making their tips.

“Here we are sitting at home and we are still having a glass of wine once in a while or a margarita,” Flesner said. “We are saving a ton of money but our bar staff is not making any money so why not still tip?”

Here’s how it works: you can nominate a bartender you know by posting on the Facebook page. Flesner and Davis have a GoFundMe account where they are gathering people’s donated tips.

Each time they reach $300, they go live on Facebook, donating the money randomly to one of those nominated bartenders.

“We Venmo them so there’s full transparency and everyone knows how much money is going in and how much money is going out,” Flesner said.

Flesner said they have already raised almost $6,000 and helped about 19 bartenders. The majority of the bartenders have been in Rhode Island.

“They cry oh my god I can’t believe this, I needed the money thank you so much. It came at such a good time,” Davis said.

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