Mother of former cheer students speak out after ‘team mother’ accused of molestation

Alyshia Tkacs
Cranston police shared this booking photo of Alyshia Tkacs. Monday, June 20, 2022.

PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE) — East Providence Police tonight continue to investigate after the arrest of 33-year-old Alyshia Tkacs, a former cheerleading “team mother” for Superior Cheer All Stars now facing seven counts of first and second degree child molestation charges 12-year-old girl.

East Providence police confirmed the abuse occurred while Tkacs was working as a “team mother/coach” at the gym over a two year span between 2012-2014.

According to Capt. Jim Nelson, “there was potential for a crime committed every day.”

That gym went out of business between 2018-2019.

Danielle Lalime, a mother of two daughters who attended Superior Cheer All Stars during the time the alleged assaults occurred, said she was “shocked” by the allegations.

“It wasn’t the Alyshia I knew,” she said.

Tuesday morning, Tkacs’ current employer announced she had been suspended indefinitely without pay as the investigation continues.

The question police are now trying to answer: what was Tkacs exact role within the cheer organization, and could there be other victims?

“We’re not sure if she was actually a paid coach or a volunteer,” explained Nelson. “She was active within the cheer community, I think is the easiest way to put it.”

Lalime said it wasn’t uncommon for fellow cheer moms to be referred to as a coach in certain circumstances.

“People could be named, ‘Oh yeah, she’s a coach,’ just to get in the back room and help out. [Alyshia] was not a coach. She was not registered as a coach,” she said.

Nelson said while Tkacs was known to police prior to her arrest, child molestation had not been suspected.

“We’ve had contact with this suspect before — we have contact with a lot of people — but nothing that stood out with regards to, or would have lead us to have seen this coming,” said Nelson.

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