Mother’s Day a money maker for local florists

By Chloe Leshner


PAWTUCKET — This Mother’s Day is set to break records! Americans are expected to spend more money on mom than ever. An estimated $23.6 billion in all and a large chunk of that change will be on flowers. The National Retail Federation found that nearly 70% of those celebrating are buying flowers for special women in their lives, making for a busy but very successful week for local flower shops.

Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like fresh flowers, a gift some moms say they love to give and get.

"To me flowers mean love," says Pawtucket resident Marie Fantasia.

Further proof of that, the hundreds of arrangements that have been crafted by Imondi Florists the past few days and the constant foot traffic in and out of the shop.

"All week its been hectic, very hectic. Some people want them early others wait until the last minute," says Patricia Pascale, one of the owners of the family run flower shop.

Those making the arrangements say the holiday is even busier than Valentine’s Day.

"It’s such a large spectrum of gifts to buy, it’s not just 1 gift you’re getting for your loved one, there’s multiple moms in your family," says Leah Macaruso, a florist at Imondi’s.

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest money makers, helping to carry the business through the slower summer months.

"I’m going to go all out today. We’re expecting a son so it’s a special Mother’s Day," says Brian Mota of Pawtucket.

Imondi Florists has been in business since 1927and is one of the oldest flower shops in the state. Every year the employees, who are also mothers, spend their day making sure its an extra special one for other moms.

"It is rewarding to see your work going out the door with someone holding it and smiling and knowing that we’re going to help make their day happy," says Macaruso.

It’s a busy holiday for florists everywhere. More people buy fresh flowers and plants for Mother’s Day than for any other holiday except Christmas and Hanukkah.

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