Motorcyclist Killed in I-95 Crash

A 37 year-old Central Falls man is dead after crashing his motorcycle on Route 95 North in Pawtucket Saturday morning.

Lt. David Tikoian of the RI State Police tells ABC6 that Jamie Marin was killed when his 2007 Harley-Davidson struck the jersey barrier at the side of the highway about 200 feet south of Exit 28 in Pawtucket at 1:22am.  Marin was thrown 60 feet from the spot of the crash and landed on a grassy embankment, where he was found by responding Troopers.  The bike skidded another 800 feet down the highway.

Witnesses told the State Police that Marin had been speeding and driving erratically as he got onto I-95 from Downtown Providence prior to the crash.