Move Over Ladies, “Brotox” Is On The Rise

It turns out men may be just as vain as women. In that quest to stay young looking, men are turning more and more to botox.

Women are no longer the only ones filling up the waiting rooms of cosmetic surgery centers, looking for that quick fix for a younger look. Men, who are unhappy with their frowns and wrinkles are going under the needle, turning back the hands of time with botox.

Among those in line for the cosmetic procedure are men like 38-year-old Marc, who's wife Julie got him botox as a Christmas present.

Marc says, “I looked at this picture and I thought man I've aged over the years since I just had this baby.”

His wife Julie said, “I think marc looks great but he did notice he looked a little bit older.”

Marc works in a career that doesn't require a youthful appearance but he says, time has brought unwanted wrinkles to his forehead and decided what the heck.

“I figured why not it might do me some good,” he said.

The rising trend has hit Southeastern Massachusetts, where Dr. Mark Lowney, a cosmetic surgeon in Fall River, says “brotox” is becoming the new normal.

Dr. Lowney says, “they want to look younger, more relaxed, more refreshed.”

In the past, Dr. Lowney would see one male patient every six months, now he sees one a week. “Brotox” is the number one non-invasive cosmetic procedure for men, beating out laser hair removal. Last year more than 300-thousand men said yes to brotox.

Dr. Lowney points out one of top reasons men are turning to botox. He says, “The biggest complaint is the angry eleven, which are the lines that form right in between the eyes.”

Dr. Lowney says all types of men walk through his office. Salesmen who want to compete with their younger colleagues and husbands looking to please their wives.

The procedure is quick and painless, taking just 15 minutes, some men even pop in on their lunch breaks. The botox injections lose their look after six months and Dr. Lowney says 95 percent of men end up coming back for more.

While Marc is pleased with his new look,  he has something else in mind for his next stab at cosmetic procedures.

“I'll tell you though if they had a good hair system I might take her (his wife) up on the hair,” laughed Marc.

The youthful injections aren't cheap, they range from 200 to 600 dollars a visit. But the growing trend shows men feel it's a purchase worth making.