Movie theater massacre in Colorado hits home in southern New England

By Liz Tufts

“The Dark Knight Rises” was expected to be one of the biggest weekend movie openings ever. But movie-goers across the country are now questioning their safety, wondering if something could happen to them.

     Most go to the movies, for fun, to unwind or to laugh. However, after what happened in Colorado, many are just simply scared. They say taking a trip to the movies won't ever be the same.

     A rainy, Friday afternoon is usually the perfect time to catch a movie.

     “It could have happened to me. You don't know, you never know what's going to happen,” said Linzy Cote from Providence. Many can't seem to get what happened in Colorado out of their minds. “How do you know that something like that is going to happen? That's terrifying,” said Cote.

     It's especially terrifying for Tabitha Almeida. She works the late shift at the Showcase Cinemas at the Providence Place Mall.  She worked Thursday night, the midnight showiing of “The Dark Knight Rises.” 

     “It's just very ominious, the fact i'm going to work as a cashier. I was baffled.” She admits work won't be the same. “Its getting to the point that I feel like you're going to have to wear body armor every second of your life,” said Almeida. 

     William Haddad from Warwick says it makes him nervous, and he thinks, “the man obviously had an agenda.” But for Haddad, it's not going to change the way he lives his life. “You can't stop your life, you have to continue.”

     The same goes for Jake Buchaine. While he says it's a tragedy what happened in Colorado, it's not going to prevent him from stepping into a movie theater. “I'm not going to let one deranged guy who thinks he's the joker ruin my movie experience, ruin my experience at life no way.”

     We'll just have to wait and see the numbers at the box office this weekend.