Murder-parole bill passes Senate unanimously

Dee DeQuattro

A bill requiring first and second degree murderers to serve at least half their prison sentences before being eligible for parole passed the Rhode Island Senate unanimously on Tuesday evening.

Currently murderers are eligible for parole after serving only a third of their sentence. This factor came to light when Alfred Brissette, a man accused of killing a woman for the “thrill of the kill” was approved for parole after serving only 13-years on a more than 30 year sentence.

The bill, proposed by Senator Lou Raptakis, will now move on the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

“The case of Alfred Brissette is just one example of a convicted murderer being released prior to serving even half of the imposed sentence,” said Raptakis. “This bill is about proper justice and truth in sentencing. The public expects that those convicted of such a violent crime as murder should do their time.”