Murder-suicide in Swansea rattles neighbors

Dee DeQuattro

Reporting by: Melissa Toupin

Neighbors in a quiet Swansea neighborhood are rattled after an apparent murder-suicide that left two dead.

Around 6 p.m. on Sunday evening police responded to 375 Stephen French Road for reports of shots fired.

When investigators arrived on the scene they secured the perimeter and found one man shot to death in a vehicle. The man has been identified as Mitchell Stevenson, 37, of Tiverton.

Witnesses told police the suspect who had shot and killed the man had fled into his home. He has been identified as Christian Wilson, 43.

Three hours later a single gunshot was heard. Police then found a man believed to be the suspect dead with a single gunshot wound to his head.

The two men knew each other. According to those who knew the men they were close friends. Police say the dispute was over money. Next door neighbor Eddie Dansereau watched from his window and recalls hearing one of the men say, “You owe me money” and “You have until Friday.” Dansereau says Stevenson was about to leave when Wilson got a gun and shot him.

“Mad. He [Wilson] was Mad. And that's just the way he took it out. That's the way he handled it,” said Dansereau.

A man who said he was the victim's father told ABC6  that he did everything he could for his son. “I love my children. I did everything I could to protect them,” said Michael Stevenson.

“You don't think it's going to happen in your neighborhood,” said Laura Fretas who lives nearby.

An eye witness describes the scene as shocking for the small Swansea neighborhood. “There's well over a hundred police here, swat teams,” said Tom Byrne. “You don't see things like this here in Swansea.”

Neighbors say Wilson spoke of owning guns in the past, but that something this violent was out of character.

The standoff lasted 3 hours. Wilson lives alone.

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