Murder suspect still on the loose; police fear threat to law enforcement

By Alana Cerrone


The manhunt for a murder suspect in Providence is going on 3 days.

State Police have been looking into tips they received over the weekend from people who claim they spotted Pedro Torres, but still they say they don’t know where he is.

What they do know is he is dangerous, and could pose a threat to law enforcement.

Federal and state agencies have still not been able to find Torres, and now the crucial time period is up.

"That first 12-24 hours that day on Friday was the most crucial that’s why we stayed out there so late that morning. As time passes it is easier for him to slip away."

Rhode Island State Police Major Joseph Philbin says as the days go on, their task is only made more difficult by the mere threat of the suspect they’re looking for.

"Due to the charges he’s facing back in Puerto Rico he probably sees this as the end of the road…those are the worst kinds of people you want to encounter because they’ll basically do anything to escape law enforcement."

The 36-year-old is wanted for 3 murders in Puerto Rico. In fact police caught him here last July, and he was extradited back to Puerto Rico to face those charges.

But for some reason, he was set free, making his way back here and setting off a manhunt in Providence where he escaped nearly 100 officers.

Police believe he’s still here, so they’re pulling out all the stops.

"You basically do anything you can you check any known associates any addresses he used to be at any places he was known to frequent."

That includes a Goddard Street home where police believe his girlfriend and child live.

"If he escaped us the first night at those addresses and went somewhere we don’t know he could basically be anywhere."

State Police say the last time they had a manhunt like this was last summer – which was the last time they were looking for Torres.

If and when he is found, he will be extradited back to Puerto Rico but he will also face charges here.

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