Mystery illness close to being solved?

By:  Liz Tufts

Doctors from all over the world couldn’t figure out what was wrong with a young man from Rumford.

The 24–year–old battled a medical condition for years, but this weekend he lost the fight. Now his family is hoping doctors can finally figure out what it was so they can help others battling this same medical mystery.

Growing up, Trevor Cusack was like any other little boy. Healthy, active, and had a smile that could light up a room, but in 2006 at the age of 14, his freshman year at Portsmouth Abbey School, Trevor started to change.

His grades were slipping, and once a standout, he found himself stumbling on the soccer field. “His short term memory was gone, his balance started to be effected and within a year he was in a wheelchair, within a year in a half he had a feeding tube,” says his mother, Deb.

So would begin a decades old journey to doctors offices all over the country and the world to figure out what was plaguing Trevor.

"Lyme disease was brought up over and over again,” says Deb Cusack. But that and other medical conditions were ruled out until a pet scan was performed. Doctors saw something in the brain, but they were still stumped. Since doctors couldn’t come up with a clear diagnosis, treatment was tough. After ten years of fighting a mystery illness, Trevor passed away peacefully on Saturday night.

The family decided to do one last test. Doctors took a biopsy of Trevor’s brain after he died, to send to the National Institutes of Health Diseases in Maryland, hoping that someone can finally figure out what robbed their son of his big smile for so very long. "We are at peace with this but if we can help just one family who’s going through the same thing  it would make it all worth while, “ says Cusack.

The family says it could take weeks or even months to get the results back from that biopsy.

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