Mystery object has Watch Hill beachgoers scratching heads

Courtesy: Peter Brockmann

By John Krinjak


Twitter: @johnkrinjak

Folks in Watch Hill have a mystery on their hands. They’re trying to identify a strange object that’s popped up along the shore.

It’s a metal object–about four feet wide–too heavy to pick up.

East Beach Association President Peter Brockmann first spotted the object about two years ago.

"I was walking on the beach and I saw this thing at low tide and I couldn’t figure out what it was," said Brockmann.

He didn’t think much of it, until it reappeared this year.

"That’s when we realized this was really something unusual, that it was in the surf zone where we get a lot of surf action and it’s still there," said Brockmann. 
"It just looked like some sort of rectangular structure with cement and metal," said George Moore Jr. of Watch Hill.

No one has been hurt by the contraption, which is full of bolts and covered in ocean plants, but it certainly has caught beachgoers’ attention.

"I saw it. I thought it was pretty strange," said George Moore III of Watch Hill. 

"It looked like a tripod under the water," said Bruce Hutt of Coventry, CT. 

Theories on what it is range from fishing equipment to alien spaceship. 

"It’s like a box or something. they’re saying it could be from an alien spaceship, or-I don’t know," said Theresa Walukiewicz of Putnam, CT. 

Brockmann has consulted everyone from fishermen to the harbormaster to the Navy–and recently scientists from the University of Rhode Island. 

"They think that it is a sea floor mount for some acoustic Doppler equipment usually deployed in areas where the Army Corps of Engineers is doing work, but they’re not doing any work around here," said Brockmann. 

We arrived on the beach at low tide Friday, around 7:20 PM, but saw no sign of this mystery object. It had apparently been covered over by some sand.

"We’re hoping when we get it out, there may be some more identifying characteristics to it, so we can really nail this down," said Brockmann. 

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