NAACP issues travel warning against American Airlines

By: Chloe Leshner


The NAACP is warning African Americans that they may not want to fly with American Airlines. The organization issued the warning last night after they say they’ve noticed a pattern of racist incidents.

The President of the Providence NAACP says hes saddened that in 2017 they still have to issue warnings like this, but says several recent incidents suggest American Airlines has "a corporate culture of racial insensitivity."

American Airlines under fire after the NAACP put out an advisory warning African Americans that they may want to reconsider flying with the airline.
"We are not going to be discriminated against and we are not going to be abused by any airline or any institution and when we see it happening, we’re going to call it out, we’re going to seek it out and we’re going to demand justice," says Jim Vincent, President of the Providence NAACP chapter.

This after several people reported unfair and racially biased treatment with American. A spokesperson for T.F. Green says there have been no local complaints but some travelers say otherwise.
"I’ve had little troubles here and there," says Margaret–Mary Orjih, who is a frequent flier with the company.

Orjih says she’s not sure if the poor treatment she’s experienced was because of her race but that regardless, American Airlines needs to address the issue.

"It really makes me feel uncomfortable, I have to fly American Airlines for work so I need them to step up their game with customer service and treat people right," says Orjih.

The Airline’s CEO issued a statement saying he’s disappointed to learn about the advisory and that they do not tolerate discrimination.

Meanwhile, the NAACP is concerned this speaks to a bigger issue.

"This has happened over the last 10 months or so where I think before people thought I better keep it to myself and now they feel emboldened to really show who they really are," says Vincent.

The CEO of American Airlines says they have also reached out to the NAACP and they’re eager to meet with them and listen to their issues and concerns.

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