NAEP scores show drop-off in Rhode Island, nationwide

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)– The newly released results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows drop-offs in mathematics and reading score across the country– including Rhode Island.

This report is one of the first comprehensive pieces of data that shows the effects of remote learning due to Covid.

Rhode Island tested towards the bottom of the New England states.

8th graders in the state tested last across the region in math, and second to last reading. 4th grades tested second to last in both math and reading.

Maribeth Calabro, President of the Providence Teachers Union, expected the low test scores.

“The impact effects of covid disruption and covid have yet to even be realized,” said Calabro. “[Students] suffered from isolation. They suffered from loss. They suffered from grief that if we were in school for that year, we could have addressed better.”

She continued, “We need to redesign the way that we deliver not only instruction, but our social and emotional support to kids.”

Calabro cites continuous change in leadership and strategy throughout the state for the low test scores.

She explained, “Our kids aren’t changing, but the work is changing. So, we started with one program then moved to another program, and someone else comes in and says, ‘This program is better.’ We need a comprehensive needs assessment at every grade level at every school in Rhode Island.”

She concluded, “We can still impact them by the time they graduate, and we need to do that together.”

Rhode Island Department of Education Commissioner, Angelica Infante-Green, said in a statement:

““The scores give us a glimmer of hope because they show that the impact of the disruption of COVID-19 was more pronounced in other Northeast states than in Rhode Island where we kept schools open. We remain steadfast in our commitment to accelerate learning statewide and will continue to collaborate closely with our partners to get our students back up to speed. With our LEAP Task Force’s report and recommendations, we have a solid strategy to continue to move our state forward and meet the academic needs of our students.”

Rhode Island scores were on par with national scores– despite being below average for New England.

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