Narragansett clinic gives out J & J vaccine following FDA warning

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE)- Today, Rhode Island held a vaccine clinic on the town dock in Narragansett.

However, the clinic comes with controversy as The Johnson and Johnson vaccine was given out following a warning issued by the FDA.

The FDA said there could be a potential link between the shot and a rare neurological complication.

Fisherman Travis Hawksley said he works with a small group ​of people who are vaccinated… but he isn’t a believer in the shot just yet.

“I don’t trust this vaccine as much as I’ve trusted other ones because it’s new there’s not as much testing time,” Hawksley said.

Many others…also questioning the efficacy behind the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

However, both local and national health officials still say the shot is safe.

Only 12 people received their shot today but local resident Stevee McPhilips was one of them.

He was hesitant at first, but said he was glad his shot.

“I was still deciding do I need it? Do I need to take it? But I got it for school and not I got it and I don’t need to do it again,” McPhillips said.

The clinic will be held again Wednesday 12-4 at the same location.

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