Narragansett Town Council approves ordinance limiting college students allowed to live in rental homes

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE) – Heated testimony filled an over-five hour Narragansett Town Council meeting Wednesday night. On the agenda: limiting the number of college students that can stay at rental homes throughout the coastal community.

The council passed the ordinance 3 to 2 after a long meeting.

The controversial zoning ordinance would limit off-campus housing to three students per home. This the second time the Council has attempted to solidify this ordinance, after it was shot down last year by a judge.

The ordinance has created tension between Narragansett community members and the thousands of college students that live there during the year.

“Sometimes when I come home, there might be 14 cars parked all over the lawn next to me,” said Jill Lawler, a Narragansett resident in favor of the ordinance. “It’s just not fun.”

The Narragansett 2100 Corporation, which represents landlords and students, says if the ordinance passes, 1,100 college students could lose their housing.

The 2100 Corporation also says they’ve done their research, and the neighborhoods have become less problematic in recent years.

A second reading of the ordinance needs to be done at the next Town Council meeting before it’s formally authorized by the council.

The 2100 Corporation tells ABC6 they will take the town to court once the ordinance is finalized.

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