Nathan Carman: “I did not kill my grandfather or my mother”

Strong words from Nathan Carman, the man who has found himself smack in the center of a mystery at sea, accused by his own family of murder.

In a statement he says, "I did not kill my grandfather or my mother, nor did I engage in the violent behavior in my childhood that has been reported."

Back in 2016 Carman and his mother set out on a fishing trip from Ram Point Marina. He was stranded at sea for more than a week, his mother was never heard from again.

Fast-forward to 2018 where Carman finds himself in the middle of several legal battles including a so-called slayer-suit out of New Hampshire where his family is accusing him of murdering his grandfather.

Wednesday, ABC 6 News learned that Carman has chosen to fire his attorneys in that case and represent himself.

He writes in that statement, "Though I wish I had the financial means to hire more suitable counsel to represent me in that matter, I am confident that through my hard work and determination alone if need be, the truth will prevail."

Carman also points blame in the direction of his aunts saying they are being driven by ‘malice and greed.’

Attorney Dan Small who represents the Chakalos family responded saying, "Nathan is fixated on money," adding that the family just wants justice.

That statement goes on to say, "The family has made clear from day one that if they win the Slayer case, that the proceeds that Linda would receive would be donated to charity in her name.”

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