National bomb hoax hits home in Rhode Island

By Dana Griffin


EAST GREENWICH, RI- Two Rhode Island drug stores were evacuated this week as K9s sniffed for bombs. The latest happened at Walgreens on Division Road in East Greenwich.

“He indicated that he was across the street and watching the store and if the funds weren’t transferred, he would detonate a bomb,” said East Greenwich Police detective, John Chirnside.

A similar story line played out Monday at the Rite Aid in Barrington. In both cases a mysterious caller with a heavy Middle Eastern accent demanded the store wire funds from pre–paid money cards. But instead, workers called police.

As seen in all the cases across the country with these phony threats, no bombs were found.

Pat Pathier, who lives in Warwick said, “I think it’s just a waste of police effort and time unfortunately, because it takes people that come out and the cost is tremendous but we have no choice.”

K–9 units were provided by Rhode Island state police and the state fire marshals office. The departments don’t lose money, but the stores take a hit because neighboring businesses are often evacuated.

The hoax started last summer and the people responsible could be facing federal charges.

Monday’s call was traced to a magic jack number out of Texas.

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