National Donate Life Month kicks off

By: Melissa Toupin

Organ transplant survivors came together in Providence today to share their stories and raise awareness for organ and blood donation during 'National Donate Life Month.'

Wendy Foley of Bristol was pregnant with her second child when she got the life changing diagnosis. She needed a double lung transplant. Foley lost the baby, but eight years later received the transplant. She is now a three year survivor thanks to her donor.

“This is a new life for me. And I think if I could say
anything to them it would be thank you for saving my life. I can't take away
the grief that they have experienced in theirs, but I hope that they can find
piece in knowing they saved another life,” said Foley.

today Foley is planning on training for a triathlon.

There are nearly 120,000 people waiting for lifesaving transplants in the United States. 18 people die each day waiting to find a match.