National Grid crews hit water main while restoring power in Warwick

By: Chloe Leshner


WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — National Grid crews working to restore power in Warwick had an extra challenge this afternoon. While they were replacing a down power pole in a residential area, they hit the water main flooding the street.

People on Superior Street had been in the dark since Sunday and they were told they’d have power back by noon today but after crews hit the water main, they were stuck without power and water.

Tree branches, telephone poles and wires litter Superior Street and for neighbors who have been waiting 3 days for power to be restored, National Grid crews are a welcome sight. But their efforts ultimately ended up slowing things down.

"When the electric crew came to replace the broken down telephone pole they started to drill a hole for it they hit a water main and that caused the street to flood so they had to stop and Kent County water had to come and shut it off," says John Wheeler.

He hasn’t been able to leave his house since Sunday, his neighbors across the street dealing with the same issue after a tree in their yard fell and snapped a telephone pole in half, bringing down tons of wires that are blocking their cars in.

"Had it gone that way it would’ve hit their house, had it gone this way it would’ve hit our house. I happen to believe God let it land in the perfect spot because it didn’t hurt anybody, everyone’s fine it’s just some inconvenience," says Wheeler.

A spokesperson for National Grid says their crew was following the usual protocols when the water main was hit and that they were able to continue power restoration efforts while the water department got to work.

"Accidents happen, what are you going to do," says Wheeler.

National Grid expects the majority of the state to have power by the end of the day.

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