National organization speaks about group involved in Saturday’s I-95 stand-off

All 11 suspects arrested in this incident are expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- “They don’t have any allegiance or obligation to follow any laws from the United States.”

national organization that tracks and researches over 800 hate and extremist groups across the country says the Pawtucket-based Rise of the Moors is an antigovernment group they’ve been keeping their eye on.

Margaret Huang, the President of Southern Poverty Law Center, tells ABC6 on Monday this group has an extremely strong desire to recruit and tactfully train their members. During the arrest on Saturday, suspects told law enforcement they were driving from Rhode Island to Maine for a training.

Rise of the Moors is the militia organization that the 11 suspects arrested in Saturday’s stand-off on I-95 in Massachusetts identified themselves as to law enforcement.

“It is possible that this group will use this as an opportunity to try and increase their number of followers and supporters,” Huang says.

Huang says Rise of the Moors has been on their radar for about a year, but believe they have been around for longer. She says it’s hard to give an estimate on how many followers of this group there are, because they do not pay taxes or participate in the Census.

“What we can tell you is their presence on social media; and in the last year that we have monitored it — they have grown by 5,000 followers on their YouTube channel. They are now up to 17,000 followers,” Huang adds.

This video was posted by one of the members on Saturday before the stand-off.

All 11 suspects, two of whom have not identified themselves to police, will be arraigned Tuesday in Massachusetts.


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