Nativity scene with mass shootings list

By: News Staff


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DEDHAM, Mass. (WLNE) — One church nativity scene in Massachusetts is making a bold statement.

A display at Saint Susanna’s Parish in Dedham shows a list of the country’s most deadly shootings. The towns and death tolls are listed directly above the nativity scene.

The pastor at the church says he and a group of parishioners wanted to send a message to get people thinking, following another year of mass shootings.

“This is not the picture of Christmas peace we want to have in people’s minds for years to come. It can’t be this forever, it just has to change,” said Father Stephen Josoma of St. Susanna’s Parish.

“Reading each sign it gives you sadness inside…and you hope that we don’t have to add anymore,” said Parishioner Lisa Mercuri.  

The church is aware that not everyone is going to like it, but they hope people can keep an open mind.

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