Needle found in child’s Halloween candy, Portsmouth Police say

By News Staff

One Portsmouth child made a scary discovery Thursday morning when digging through his leftover Halloween candy. Police say a two-inch sewing needle was found inside a piece of an Air Heads candy bar.

"Fortunately the child did not bite into the candy and is safe and there’s no injuries to the child," said Major Brian Peters of the Portsmouth Police Department.

The boy’s mother immediately filed a police report and now the department is trying to figure out where the tampered candy came from.

"The child had been in neighborhoods off of East Main Road in the Sea Meadow area as well as a trunk-or-treating event that was held the day before Halloween," Peters said.

Residents in the Sea Meadow area were stunned to hear that somebody in their quiet neighborhood may have done that.

"It’s absolutely horrifying. I can’t even imagine that. This is a safe neighborhood. It’s a family neighborhood. It’s just crazy," said Cathy Seibold of Portsmouth.

"Nobody says oh that neighbor, that’s the one everybody stays away from or for some reason they’d say that. Not happening here it’s a very nice neighborhood," said Richard Kennedy of Portsmouth.

Police say this is the first incident of its kind reported this year, but they have seen similar cases in years past.

"We’ve had in the past a needle, not as big as a sewing needle, but a small pin needle, had been placed in candy as well," Peters said.

As police start their investigation, their warning parents to check any leftover Halloween candy.

"Out of abundance of caution we want to make sure parents know what happened," Peters said.

Police say the next step in their investigation is to try and figure out who was handing out Air Heads in that neighborhood.

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